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This is ideal for any business whose aim is not just to have an online presence but an online store as an avenue for making money and may include startups, SMEs, agencies and organizations like churches, schools, restaurants, hotels, government institutions, non-governmental institutions, transport companies, etc. The goal here is not only to provide information about their businesses, services and products but to drive sales by marketing these information to the right audience and potential prospective customers/clients.

frequently asked questions

Why do I need a Website?

A website is essential for offering social proof and establishing your credibility as a business.

Why Innovative Telecoms and Technologies?

Africa, and Nigeria in particular, is at the backseat regarding the effective use and deployment of web-based technologies to meet their business needs. At Innovative Telecoms and Technologies, we believe that if businesses can be exposed to the benefits and potentials of web technologies, they would have a better understanding and desire to harness their present and future potentials to achieve their short, medium, and long-term goals.

Why this promo?

One of the objectives of Innovative Telecoms and Technologies is to enable businesses and organizations achieve their desired goals and full potentials through the use of web-based technologies. This will help expand their corporate reach, promote and enhance sales and enable them reach a broader audience/market base.

Why is the promo price so low?

Our focus is to encourage businesses to use websites. This will effectively assist them in promoting their products, boosting sales, and effectively improving customer relationships.

When will the promo end?

Our website promo will end with the 100th person that registers for any of the promo packages.

Why do I need an eCommerce website for my business?

Your business needs an eCommerce website because 90% of your customers are online with their mobile devices. All it takes to purchase an item online is just few clicks. 

How long does it take to build a website?

This depends on the type of website and the content type. But On average, we launch a website within 1-3 weeks. 

When does my subscription ends and what happens afterwards?

You can choose any one of our marketing plans.

I will need more updates on my website, how do I get it?

You will need to get any one of our maintenance plans.

Do you offer training?

No, we don’t