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frequently asked questions

We answer some of your questions so you understand us

Why Innovative Telecoms and Technologies?

Africa, and Nigeria in particular, is at the backseat regarding the effective use and deployment of web-based technologies to meet their business needs. At Innovative Telecoms and Technologies, we believe that if businesses can be exposed to the benefits and potentials of web technologies, they would have a better understanding and desire to harness their present and future potentials to achieve their short, medium, and long-term goals.

Do you build eCommerce websites (websites with a shopping cart & checkout)?

Yes we do.

How long does it take to build a website?

This depends on the type of website. But on average, we launch a website within 1-3 weeks. 

Do your websites work on mobile devices (responsive)?

Yes, 90% of website visitors come from their mobile devices. Mobile optimization is core at  ITT.

Do your plans include search engine optimization (SEO)?

Our plans include on-site technical search engine optimization that ensures search engines can easily read and rank your website. 

Do you outsource your projects or send work overseas?

No, we don’t. Every project is done by our inhouse Web designers and developers. 

Can you upgrade my website?

Yes, we can.